Prototyping Blog Reviews

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Blog Reviews

Sketching In Code: The Magic Of Prototyping by David Verba

In David Verba’s article ‘Sketching In Code’ he provides an overview and helpful tips regarding web prototyping.  Prototyping allows the designer to flesh out a the layout, user ability, and feel of the website in a highly editable state allowing for potential problem areas to be resolved on the fly.  Building a prototype is a practice that is essential when working with a client, allowing for specific needs to be met and settled upon early within the creation process of the site.  I appreciate Verba’s emphasis on beta testing the design of the prototype in order for the coding process to be as smooth as possible.

Design Better and Faster With Rapid Prototyping by Lyndon Cerejo

In this article Lyndon Cerejo explains the importance of prototyping as an important method of being efficient and prompt with your web design, allowing for general style and structure components to be resolved rapidly.  Cerejo breaks down the prototyping process into three steps; prototyping, reviewing, and refining.  Prototyping creates the initial working mockup of the design, while reviewing gathers data on functionality and practicality of the design,  while refining uses this research to make positive adjustments to the site.

Prototype A Magazine by Raj Dash

‘Prototype A Magazine’ by Raj Dash is an article that serves as tutorial for building popular ‘magazine’ style websites, only this time through the use of CSS.  Dash first explains to rough out the layout of the page, creating a slice map which will eventually serve as a guide for setting up divs.  From here, logical steps follow, creating and editing divs then further placing and styling content within the divs.


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